Apply linearly changing distributed load on a component

Hi there,

I want to apply a linearly changing, distributed load on a component “veergeleiding” (see pictures below). I want to apply the distributed load on the circular surface as shown at the left picture, which should vary linearly in a single direction (in my case this would be x-direction). Does anyone has a good suggestion how to model this? I’m aware I can create a function for a load/pressure distrubution but I’m not sure how I can make sure that the max/min values start/end at the outer sides of the circular surface?

I’ve already uploaded the model to SimScale:

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @jvarkevisser,

The formula you need is Fz = F_max / R * (X-X_0)

F_max = max force at edge of circular plate (say 5000 N)
R = radius of circular plate (0.222 m)
X_0 = x distance from origin to center of circular plate (-0.222 m)

So, in this case, the formula would be Fz = 5000/0.222*(x+0.222)

Here is a link to a copy of your project with this formula.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Ben


Hi @jvarkevisser,

Here is a screen shot of the results.

The patchy results indicate that the mesh is too course. It looks like your model would benefit form the use of a second order mesh.

Regards, Ben


Hi Ben,

Many thanks for the help! I will have a look at the results when changing the order of the mesh / refinement of the mesh.

Cheers :slight_smile: