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Applications of CFD in Formula SAE 2018 Workshop

Hi, I was just wondering how to get the homework for the webinar that took place today for Formula Student? Im sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question but the webinar ended quickly and i didnt receive an email or anything. Please let me know what to do so i can do this for the certification.

Thanks, Dan Schroeder

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Hi Dan!

I will open a section for this purpose later on. We will keep you informed!




I have still not received anything regarding the homework from the webinar. I have also asked Manon yesterday about this problem and she said that my request would be forwarded to the person in charge of the webinars. I would like to still be able to receive the certifications for these courses. My email is and if there is some problem with this one my school email is

Thank you,


Hi Dan and sorry for the delay. Will ask the responsible person about the procedure and get back to you.



Hi @dschroeder!

The assignment will be published after the last session (was also announced in the mail).