'Antural Airflow' simulation project by mtheofilos


I created a new simulation project called 'Antural Airflow':

Buoyancy driven airflow

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Hi @mtheofilos really great start with the mesh!

I was curious about the project, as I have a similar project right now, so I took a look at it. I noticed that your BaseMeshBox that you used, was not big enough to include your geometry, this is why it is empty inside. I played around with some numbers and got the BaseMeshBox big enough so that it would contain your geometry, this way, when you set up the simulation, you will not get an error.

I am really interested to see the end results!! :smile:

Here is a screen shot of what I did and the numbers I used and a link to the project. I hope this helps! https://www.simscale.com/projects/kristina/antural_airflow1

I hope this helps!


Hi Kristina

Thank you for the advice. What I wanted to do is assign a temperature or heat flux on the cube inside the building and let buoyancy do the rest.

I think I set the simulation correctly now, so I will have to wait a bit and see.