Analysis set up


I am evaluating the software for the first time. I have constructed a model that contains a few parts. There is some contact surface in the model with the parts not touching initially. Some of the parts have elastic plastic behavior.
The analysis fails with a message about material definition.

This is my material definition


This is the URL

Thank you

Gal Sherbelis

Hey Gal!

It is always recommended to add the complexities in the model one by one. In this case, we have:

  1. Big displacements
  2. Physical contact
  3. Nonlinear material

In order to build a robust model, I would start by adding one of this aspects to the model one by one, and only move to the next one when I am confident with the setup and the partial results.

Also, applying the displacement in one go as an initial condition can make it difficult for the solver to handle. Please replace this with a fixed value boundary condition, and ramp up the displacement from zero to max value.