'akisdik' simulation project by gokayguney


I created a new simulation project called 'akisdik':


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Hi @gokayguney!

Did you want to do an external flow simulation or should that be an internal one?




Hi jousef
I am a senior at Yeditepe University. I want to design a system that blocks raindrop to keep it from reaching windshield by blowing strong air stream across the wind shield. I am planning to use a compressor to compress and blow the air. So there are an internal flow and external flow in my system. How can i model this system in simscale?

Thank you for your interest.
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Hi Gökay!

The problem is that you have to define where your material point is which basically defines if you have either external flow or internal flow that you are looking at. What you can do though is to perform two studies within the same project which is absolutely no problem. Simply create two meshes (one for external where the material point is on the outside of the CAD model and one internal where the material point is inside the CAD) and then two simulations each with a different mesh. Simple as that!

For any further questions feel free to reach out to @Get_Barried, @vgon_alves or me!




Oh i think i got it. Thank you so much.