'Airflow around a football' simulation project by murat_bayram


I created a new simulation project called 'Airflow around a football':

The air flow around a football is simulated with focus on the effects of the pattern on the football surface and spinning of the ball.

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Hi @murat_bayram - nice job with the tutorial; One thing with the Bounding Box discretization:

The cells in the x, y, z should be 46, 46, and 47 respectively to improve the mesh fineness


Thank you @AnnaFless, I must have overread this in your tutorial. I did the run again, unfortunatly I have Problems with the post-processing. I somehow can not see my results.


Hi @murat_bayram,

Can you share a screenshot? Do you mean that nothing appears when you select the solution fields in the Project Tree?


Good Morning,

yes. When I click on Solution field the Screen seems to be frozen. De weiting Symbol is not rotating. I tried it with different Browsers.


With Chrome it actually worked. Was not working with Firefox, Safari or IE.
This task was a very nice simulation workshop. Thank you!


Hi @murat_bayram, glad you were able to get it to work using chrome! I’ve let my colleague @bdaqui know so we can have a look into why it’s not loading on these other browsers.



Thanks for the fast feedback.
The more I have to do with the simulation tool and the forum I´m getting more and more excited.


Clad to hear that :smile:

Can I ask you to provide us some debug information? In Firefox,when you are in the post-processor before clicking on ‘solution field’, do a “control shift J” then attempt to load, and if it does still not work, post the output.