'Airflow around a building' simulation project by Milad_Mafi


I created a new simulation project called 'Airflow around a building':

How to simulate the airflow around a building is demonstrated in this project.

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A CAD model of the building has been uploaded to SimScale in STEP format. The mesh was generated using the automatic hex-dominant mesh operation for external flow. The virtual wind-tunnel around the building was set to 350x350x300m in order to minimize effects of the bounding walls. The resulting mesh consists of a little more than 400.000 cells.

The simulation itself was set up using the steady-state incompressible flow analysis type with a k-Omega-SST turbulence model. The airflow was simulated at 10m/s incoming wind velocity. The effect of the ground was neglected in this first simple simulation setup.

The results allow to visualize the wind velocities as well as the pressure field around the building. Thereby the acting force onto the building can be computed.