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Airborne covid virus simulation in a gymnasium


I have a client with a 5,000 sq ft x 25 ft tall athletic training facility (ninja warrior).

We would like to modify the HVAC / Air Filtration to reduce exposure to respiration by other gym occupants.

We are currently exploring strategic placement of 2000 cfm electrostatic filters.

I stumbled across SimScale and the Fume Extraction simulation articles and wonder if I could get some answers with it, dispite my lack of experience with CAE.

My assumptions are…
I will be able to model a space and project movement of respiration output based on existing and proposed fan/filter equipment?

I will be able to simulate a plume event (a sneeze) and track it’s speed and trajectory. I would then be able to draw a conclusion about how many breaths someone may inhale as the plume passes by.

If those are generally valid assumptions, has this been done?

How steep it the curve to get a simple space ( big box with hvac equipment here and there) to start from?

FYI: these thoughts come from learning that it takes more than 1,000 viral particles to overload ones healthy immune system, so re-breathing infected air is to be avoided. And HEPA and Electrostatic filter can remove 97 - 99% of the particles.



Hi @rforee!

Do you have a geometry you want to work with already uploaded? Fan & Filter equipment can be modeled - depends on what you want to achieve but it is possible.

Example project for thermal comfort in a theatre just to give you an impression:

Sneeze can also be simulated (also up to a certain extend), example project: - if you think about the particle simulation you see (a lot) on social media, that’s not possible in that manner just to be realistic here.

@CFD-SQUAD, feel free to add your two cents here in case I missed something.




Thanks Jousef,

It looks like I would have to dedicate allot of time to build a useful model.

Where can I find a small project contractor to do this for me?



I will write you an email @rforee!