Air Heater simulation run failes - mesh quality looks acceptable [Maximum number of iterations exceeded....]

Hi community,

i need your help with regard to my simulation settings. Although I tried to improve my mesh and it seems to be at an acceptable level, my simulation runs fail.

Could you please take a look at my project?

The following error message occurs:
Maximum number of iterations exceeded when calculating temperature from a thermodynamic potential. This may be caused by low-quality mesh producing unrealistic pressure in a few cells or inappropriate boundary conditions, fluid properties or time step. Inspect fields for large values in the last time step. Learn more.

I tried to fix it by improving the quality ranges, however, it doesn’t help.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Marco,

thanks for sharing your project with us.
The reason for the long run time can be related to the mesh count which is pretty huge for the simplicity of your case.

What I would suggest is to reduce the level of finnes for the coils to 2e-4 and changing the volumes for the region refinement to only the coils, by removing the cylinders and only assigning the coil parts.

This should reduce the number of cells, and thus increase the speed of your simulation.

Best regards