'Air flow through a radial impeller' simulation project by Milad_Mafi


I created a new simulation project called 'Air flow through a radial impeller':

This project explains how to set up an airflow simulation through a radial impeller.

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The air flow domain around the impeller has been uploaded in STEP format to the SimScale platform including a specific solid body for the rotating domain around the impeller. The mesh was generated using the hex-dominant mesh operation for internal fluid flow additionally taking care of the rotating domain. The resulting mesh consist of close to 1.9 million cells.

The simulation was set up using the analysis type for steady-state, turbulent flow utilizing a k-Omega-SST turbulence model. Additionally the rotation of the impeller was simulated using a rotating reference zone around the impeller. The simulation results are shown below

The results enable the early visualization of the pressure and velocity field as well as numerical values regarding pressure increase and volume flux. The simulation was carried out on a 32 core machine and took only 20 minutes.


pls can you tell me the steps to do so


Hi @vchandel and welcome to SimScale!

Simply click on this link: Air flow through a radial impeller

To import the project into your own workspace follow this instruction:

If you just want to look at the project click View. But notice that you cannot edit settings inside the project or change anything.

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