'AIJ: Case E (K-W SST)' simulation project by Get_Barried


I created a new simulation project called 'AIJ: Case E (K-W SST)':

The purpose of this project is to use experimental results from the Architectural Institute of Japan to validate CFD results gained from SimScale. The case being validated is Case E, which consists a complex of buildings with simplified geometry. Many scenarios are presented in Case E, The scenarios used to validate the SimScale platform were the North, East, South and Westerly winds for the after construction scenario.

The SimScale CFD results were compared to the experimental results and found to have good correlation. Some underprediction was seen in the k-epsilon models in the strong wind regions and underprediction in the wake regions, but is a known trait of the K-epsilon model and is acceptable and should be considered when evaluating results.

A modification of this project builds upon the work done by simulating for k-omega SST.

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@Get_Barried - great that you’re digging into this. Very curious about the results!


Hey David!

Cheers! Hopefully the results produced will give some interesting conclusions!