'AGV Chassis' simulation project by ashu2605


I created a new simulation project called 'AGV Chassis':

Static Testing of the Chassis for 625 kgs

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@ashu2605 - any chance you could fuse the parts of this assembly before uploading it to SimScale? Currently you need to manually define contacts between the parts which would be quite a job for 40 parts.


This chassis is made as a single part using weldment in Solidworks.


@ashu2605 - mhm, but when exporting as a STEP file, Solidworks seems to export each smaller part as a single solid, which results in 37 solids. This means that you’d need to define contacts between each of those for a proper stress analysis. Isn’t there the option to use a boolean operation to fuse all parts before exporting it from Solidworks?

We’re working on an automatic contact detection to simplify the kinematic definition of an assembly, but right now the best strategy is to upload a fused model to SimScale.


@ashu2605 - I fused the model and gave it a spin in this project: https://www.simscale.com/projects/dheiny/agv_chassis_with_top_plate Load scenario is just an example.