'aerowiperslot' simulation project by gokayguney


I created a new simulation project called 'aerowiperslot':


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I like that simulation @gokayguney!

Are you happy with your results and did you already perform the internal flow simulation? :slight_smile:




I am quite happy @jousefm. Thank you for your help. My teammate performed the internal flow simulation and gave me the velocity values.I also want to ask another question. Is there a way to perform a 2D simulation in simscale?



Sounds good @gokayguney, glad you are happy! :slight_smile:

Well you can use one cell in the direction that is “negligible” and use the 2D empty boundary condition for instance which can be used for solutions in dimensions 2D or 1D. There are some examples in our library afaik! One is here: 2D Dam Break!