'Aerodynamics of a pipe with vent holes' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'Aerodynamics of a pipe with vent holes':

This project shows an example of how the internal airflow through a medical device can be analyzed.

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The fluid volume of this medical application has been extracted via a local CAD software. The pipe ends in a free fluid volume such that a certain part of this environment has been extracted as well. The resulting geometry was uploaded as a STEP file, consisting out of a single solid. The mesh generation has been done using a mesh operation that creates mainly tets for the volume mesh in addition to a prismatic boundary layer near physical walls. The mesh consists of around 1.1 million cells.

The simulation has been set up applying a fixed volume flux at the inlet and a zero-gradient boundary condition at the outlet. A k-omega-SST model has been used to account for turbulence effects. The steady-state simulation needed around 320 iterations to reach a satisfying convergence criteria which took around 30 minutes on a 4-core machine. The results are used to optimize the design in terms of the velocity peaks and the pressure drop of the device.