'Aerodynamics of a F1 Race Car' simulation project by Milad_Mafi


I created a new simulation project called 'Aerodynamics of a F1 Race Car':

This project include a simulation of the external aerodynamics of 2017 F1 race car.

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The results of this simulation projects were shown in this video by Real Engineering.
Make a copy and change the setup according to your specifications, to perform your own simulation.

Total Pressure Coefficient (X-Axis)

Total Pressure Coefficient (Y-Axis)



in f1 2017 workshop you presented forces acting on F1 2016 and 2017.

But in in solver log of this simulation i found your numbers of drag and downforce to be much smaller. Why is that ?




this is because of a different ride height of the model. Actually this simulation is part of a new study we prepare which covers the impact of pitch and ground distance on the aerodynamics of the car.



Great, i will keep following you project ! I m just wondering, can i find here on simscale that simulation you used for those calculations for that 2016vs2017 webinar ? I m really keen to see that, please