'Aerodynamics analysis of a LMP1 race car' simulation project by Milad_Mafi


I created a new simulation project called 'Aerodynamics analysis of a LMP1 race car':

This project shows how to simulate the airflow around a race car.

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This library project shows how fast users can set up fluid flow analyses with SimScale. The CAD model was provided by Perrinn Ltd. - the first open source motorsport project. For the mesh creation I used the automated hex-dominant operation for external flow. This operation has about 5 input parameters that are enough to create a virtual wind tunnel around the CAD model shown in the picture above. The pictures below show the automatically created wind tunnel mesh.

Especially the region behind the car body where significant separation effects can be expected would need to be more refined in order to resolve the phenomena in this region. This shows that the automated hex-dominant mesh operations are meant for first test or rough analyses. For more detailed analyses, the fully featured hex-dominant operation can be used. The analysis itself was set up using the steady-state incompressible fluid flow analysis type with a k-omega-SST model for the turbulence. The analysis was carried out on 32 cores and took around an half hour. The picture below shows the pressure map on the car surface.

The picture below shows a streamline visualization of a this case with a significant finer mesh , post-processed locally with ParaView


Hello Milad, first of all I would like to congratulate the team for the SimScale idea, it’s so great! :smiley:
My question is about the coefficients, they seems to be a little bit strange to me, they are ok?

Kind regards.


Nice job. I really like it


Very nice work Milad!


hello, the surface area you chose in order to determine the drag coefficient is too big isn't it?


is the velocity indicating the air speed? If so the faster the air the less drag?


Hi @rmainland!

In general the drag force is proportional to the velocity for a laminar flow and the squared velocity for a turbulent flow. The inlet velocity is the air speed.




Hi, I need to modify (just a little bit) the CAD file. When I download it from here and I import it in Onshape I'm not able to modify it because of a file's format problem.

I would like to obstruct some holes in order to simplify the geometry. At the end, my goal is to simulate it in StarCCm

The file here is a STL so, what do I have to do?


how can i download this project


You can download the geometry, mesh or results by going either to the mesh creator tab and the corresponding geometry where a button with Download will show up a column next to the geometries/meshes or you click on a finished run where you can download the results for further post-processing in Paraview for instance.