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Aerodynamic simulation

Today I retry to upload our earphone product to do simulation, but suck in following status. Please help to advise how to solve it to achieve simulation? Or are you able to access my page to help ?

Our design is a ear phone which for bicycle rider use. It is fix on helmet belt, place in front of ear and it has a mic on bottom. We would like to know how the wind noise or aerodunamic affect the mic when bicycle running.

use the cad to join this separate things. there are seven different regions it has got. join all in one.

Already join them in one. As following but still cannot plot a correct streamline diagram. Please help.



I plot the stream line like this. Streamline only in upper side , not in lower side. Please advise how to make it in lower side as well? If possible please access to my project and correct it for me. My project link as following. Thank you.