Aerodynamic Pressure Import from CFD Simulation into Stress Analysis Simulation


Hello, I need to import aerodynamic pressure loads from a CFD Simulation into Stress Analysis Simulation of the same geometry.
Is this doable on sim scale? On Ansys, I would connect the simulation blocks to do this.


There is a way, you can download the results into paraview and save the CSV of the pressures and coordinates from the surfaces you will be applying the loads too. From there you bring the results back into SimScale uploading the CSV file. I haven’t actually done this yet as I couldn’t get my wing skin to mesh, so what I am telling you hasn’t been tried and tested by myself so someone else might need to jump in if you have troubles!

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I was hoping i wouldn’t have to download the results since they are over 1.5GB, but thanks for the reply anyway.


Yer, sorry no way within SimScale yet. But I would encourage you to make a ‘vote for features’ post.

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