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Aerodynamic Analysis of Non-Pneumatic Tire

Hello, I’m trying to perform a CFD analysis of a non-pneumatic tire for which I have completed all the steps until meshing. I now want to add region refinements so I generated a smaller cartesian box of appropriate dimensions. However, I don’t know the maximum edge length that I am supposed to give.
How is the maximum edge length related to the geometry ?
P.S: The diameter of the tire is 584mm

Hi there, thank you for using the forum! Can you also include the link to the project please?
Hope this works

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Thank you for sharing!

Unfortunately there is no rule of thumb to define this maximum edge length, but one method I use especially in this type of analysis, is to create the mesh first without any refinements, and then use the scale at the bottom of the page to approximately estimate the length of a random cell near the body. Then I choose a Maximum edge length smaller than this. Does this make sense?

By the way, have you considered using the Standard mesher?

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Please Research on Aspect Ratio Topic.

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