'Aerodanamic Analysis of the TSC-03E' simulation project by L3br4nd


Now to another problem I am facing:
I created the mesh “TSC-03E_Vol_stl_mesh_UA” and I am satisfied with its structure so I started simulating with it (locally since I would run out of computing hours before my master’s thesis were finished).
Now I am trying to evaluate that the bounding box size I chose is suitable. To do that I wanted to create other meshes using other bounding box sizes (and a matching number of cells for the bounding boxes). So I Duplicated the mesh “TSC-03E_Vol_stl_mesh_UA”, changed the bounding box size and the number of cells in the corresponding directions and started the meshing process, but although I used the same settings as in “TSC-03E_Vol_stl_mesh_UA” which worked out well now the meshing jobs fail. The strangest thing is “TSC-03E_Vol_stl_mesh_breit_UA” which shows me that the job ended with an error but the mesh looks fine and the Log shows no signs of any error messages. Unfortunately other jobs like “TSC-03E_Vol_stl_mesh_flach_UA” did not show that behavior (this one doesn’t even have an event log).
Can anyone tell me what is wrong in these cases?


Hi @L3br4nd,

Thanks for reporting this - we did 3 small updates to the platform yesterday and unfortunately any jobs that were done during this time could have ended with this error message.

There is no need to rerun this mesh, this one you have is fine and can be used for simulation.



@L3br4nd - Every CAD assembly can be distilled down to a single part, as long as the original parts touch/intersect. It just takes time and patience, haha! I know you have moved forward with the analysis, so it is not critical, but if you wanted me to clean it for you, I am willing to do so. I volunteer my services for many Formula Student (FSAE) teams here in the US, as I think CAD/FEA/CFD skills are in high demand for graduating engineering students, and unfortunately it is just not prevalent in core curriculum, yet.


Thank you both for your replies. I’m glad I can work on now :slight_smile:
@fastwayjim: Thank you for the offer but as you stated the meshing works now (when updates don’t come in the way) so I think it’s not necessary to get external help. Besides: I am happy to learn new things in CAD Applications and work out the problems myself as long as I have enough time to do so.