'Aero_Truck_symmetry' simulation project by nitin1243


I created a new simulation project called 'Aero_Truck_symmetry':

trial run for aerodynamics

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Nice simulation @nitin1243!

You could decrease the height of your bounding box a bit but the rest looks good imho! Are you happy with the use of SimScale so far?




Hi jousefm,

I was trying to do an MRF rotating wheel zone. But it wouldn’t let me pick the faces. Is there any way I could have the same topology sets inside the simulation window just like in the mesh.



Hi @nitin1243!

What I would do in your case first is to create a finer mesh as it looks too coarse (at least for me) at the moment as well as increase the refined wake zone a bit. On top of that you could have a look at some FSAE examples in the public project section how it was done there - the definition of the MRF is straightforward but you have to pay attention to the center of rotation that it is not shifted. Or what you can also do is to define a moving wall velocity first for both of your wheels.