'Aero Bottle' simulation project by k_grant


I created a new simulation project called 'Aero Bottle':

CFD simulation of air resistance

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@k_grant - cool project, how did the results turn out? Will you be comparing different models?


Hey, thanks for the interest. I am having trouble trying to get view the results. I would like to view the airflow pattern around the bottle but im yet to determine how to show it. Nah no plans to compare different models yet, just rying to improve my fea skills!


The best way to visualize the airflow is with the Stream Tracer filter: Have a look at the setup below


Thanks Anna, thats great!

How have you got rid of the box? In my generated report all of the images are pretty much of the box that is there as the outer case of the wind environment, where what id really like to see is just the bottle.


Hi @k_grant you’ll need to do the visualization in the post-processor rather than relying on the generated report (you can take and save screenshots within the post-processor). If you look closely at the image above I have changed the surface setting to wireframe allowing me to see “inside the box”.