'Aero Analysis of MXS Redbull Racer' simulation project by sdesai


I created a new simulation project called 'Aero Analysis of MXS Redbull Racer':

MXS Redbull Racer is a Light Sport Aircraft designed for agile maneuverability. Hence, it is important to study the airflow around such geometry so that it can further help to improve the performance during the race. In this session, only the aerodynamic forces will be calculated.

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Hi @desai - I took a brief look. The model is not watertight which is why both the inside and the outside of the model is meshed. What CAD software are you using? Any chance you can export in STEP format? This will most likely solve the watertight issue



The model was taken from grabcad. Before running simulation, I tried to repair it in Solidworks but since it has lots of moving parts it is becoming difficult to make it watertight. Still I’m trying to make it perfect with closed surface. Thanks for having a look at the problem.


Also, I’m running another simulation with a UAV model in a compressible fluid environment. The meshing was done correctly and while running simulation, it keeps showing that the maximum number of iterations exceeded. I reduced the relaxation factor as well the tolerances and also checked my BC. Still it has the same problems. Any suggestions @dheiny ?