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ActuatorDisk To Simulate Fan Pressure Jump in Cylindrical Channel

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@dhiney Is is possible to access a command line window to input opefoam commands like decomposePar and checkMesh in caseUpload problems on simscale?


@vinguva - as far as I know this is not currently possible, you can read more about the capabilities of caseUpload here: https://docs.simscale.com/docs/content/simulation/analysis_types/OF_OpenFOAMCaseUpload.html


@AnnaFless Has GroovyBCs been implemented for caseupload problems? It’d be nice to specify non-uniform Boundary Conditions.


Hi @vinguva, GroovyBCs should be usable and working for the case upload - let me know if you are encountering an issue with this


Hi @AnnaFless, I have a side question for you. I’m currently using ICEM CFD and Catia V5 to do my model and mesh generation. I’m thinking about moving to opensource packages for my pre processing. I was looking at FreeCAD and the sketcher is pretty similar to Catia. I need to spend more time with FreeCAD to understand what it can do.

But more importantly is the mesh generator. I’m looking to do hex meshes where possible and it seems Salome is the meshing software recommended by cfd-online forum most often.

Ultimately, is it worth while to invest time into FreeCAD and Salome to make sure I’m not license and cost inhibited in the future? Or do you know if there are better options out there?


Hi @vinguva, apologies for the delayed response (I was away on vacation). In terms of free CAD tools, I can recommmend both FreeCAD and Onshape (see: Tips for (free) CAD program).

For mesh generation, you can of course use SimScale SnappyHex :slight_smile: - This tool is part of OpenFOAM but yes Salome is quite good (and has a CAD environment which could be helpful to you).

Making the switch to free tools has a learning curve so it depends on what is most important to you - and how much time you have to invest in these new tools, but I’d say in the long run it’s worth the switch!


Hello @AnnaFless, I did not have so much luck with the .stp exporter in FreeCAD. I think from an engineering perspective, the free alternatives are not there yet. But again, I will also say I have not spent munch time on openSource CAD.

Snappy HexMesh is nice, I have not looked into it so much because ICEM makes things very easy. But the SimScale implementation is great for “magical-press-a-button” and a mesh appears. I need to see what Snappy’s limitations are before it requires user scripting like blockMesh. Also, in Hex Meshing, I would like to specify non-linear functions along a block path to concentrate nodes to the boundary to make the layers to resolve the boundary layer.

My intention behind this question is: is there an openSource meshing software that can handle something on the order of 75 million cells with a UI.

Also, on a side note, is it possible to compile custom made solvers on SimScale’s OpenFoam?


Hi @vinguva ,

Here are some answers:

" in Hex Meshing, I would like to specify non-linear functions along a block path to concentrate nodes to the boundary to make the layers to resolve the boundary layer. "

In SnappyHexMesh to capture layer, there is a special refinement called “Layer refinement” that generated a layer mesh to capture the boundary layer. See the SnappyHexMesh (Manual version) documentation [Here] for detials. Specifically for Layers see [Here]

Further, in theory you can make meshes upto 40 or 50 million cells , I my self have gone upto 30 million. (which is alot)

Lastly, it is not possible to compile a custom solver due to security reasons, but all standard OpenFOAM solvers are available as a “CaseUpload” option. see [Here]