' Actuator support bracket' simulation project by mbenetti


I created a new simulation project called ' Actuator support bracket':

Actuator support bracket

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Hi @mbenetti - I was having a look at your project, you’ll need to create bonded contacts between the faces of each solid in your model. As you have it set up right now they act independently of each other. Another option would be to fuse the solids into one body using your CAD tool.

This forum topic may be a good reference: Merging solids in Onshape and meshing


Hey @mbenetti!

Nice model! Only two suggestions:

  1. You can merge below three solids which are made of steel in to one, doing this you can avoid bonded contact between them.

  2. You can use Static analysis - advanced solver which has more boundary condition options. Using that solver you can also apply force, pressure, remote force etc. and several other variety of loads.

Hope this helps to make your simulation more awesome. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask. Happy Simulating!.

-Ahmed (@ahmedhussain18)