'AC-Ventilation Session2 HW - Smoke in a Parking Garage' simulation project by varsey


I created a new simulation project called 'AC-Ventilation Session2 HW - Smoke in a Parking Garage':

Homework assignment project for the Air-Conditioning and Ventilation webinar session 2.

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There are three simulation runs of this case in the project, which different in mesh size and numerics configuration:

  1. ‘Standard’ mesh with ‘standard’ numerics configs - as advised in step-by-step tutorial
  2. ‘Standard’ mesh with enhanced numerics config - 0.001 rel_tolerance at each calculation step for p, U, T1 and turbulence properties + nonorthogonal corrector + smoothSolver instead of PBiCG.
  3. Enhanced mesh with enchanced numerics config

As you can see the results between 1st and 2nd simulation differs not too much, but in the case of refined mesh (1.3M cell -> 4.5M cells).




Session 2: Smoke propagation in a parking garage