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A multi region mesh was assigned error

Hi I am trying to simulate a propeller rotating. was following this tutorial and hollowed out the enclosure with the propeller and created a rotating zone, but encountered the about mentioned error. Can someone guide me on how to solve this problem?

I have looked through the forum and tried to create the enclosure inside Simscale but the same error came up.

@CFD-SQUAD, do you mind jumping in here and helping our user? :slight_smile:



@xuwenhao9708: Please take a look at following project I did in 2019 and read all comments:

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Hi @Retsam, thank you for the reply. I followed the tutorial you have attached but still could not get it to work. could you run through my settings and see if i made any mistakes. Thanks

Please, while meshing, use ‘Cell zones’ and point to your ‘Solid2’. This will become your MRF rotating zone.