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'6200 Series' simulation project by twillard


I created a new simulation project called '6200 Series':

6200 Series

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@twillard - very interesting geometry! Is it an internal flow volume? If yes, of what?


thanks. it's a filter. i'll have to add porous media once i get it to mesh.


I discussed the steps in creating a porous media with Sam and Omar on Wednesday. He said to create box and cylindrical Geometric Primitives to enclose the porous media fluid volume zones. I did that, but when I pried to create porous media, those predefined Geometric Primitives weren’t available to select, and creating new Cartesian Box Primitives was the only choice. Am I missing something, or did Sam give me a bad lead?




Hi Tom,

I took a look, but you’ve got the geometry primitives already assigned. So did you resolve this issue yourself in the meantime or am I missing something?




Another question: Why are you uploading an STL file instead of a STEP file? What CAD software are you using?


Ah - nevermind, STL is a good approach for the type of simulation! Mixed up the analysis type you were planning to do! Very interested in seeing the finished simulation!


Hi Tom (@twillard),

The geometric primitives should be available in the porous media definition if it is created in simulation designer.

Please let me know if you have any other queries during this setup!