'50K-stage-sim-5' simulation project by adroster


I created a new simulation project called '50K-stage-sim-5':

Simulating thermal gradient across Al 1100 plate with Al 1100 plate/strap

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Nice post-processing images @adroster!

Do you have any formulas to check your simulation?




Hi Jousef!

Thanks for your reply. Can you elaborate on what you mean by formulas to
check the simulation?




Hi Alex (@adroster)!

I was talking about formulas to varify the results you got from the simulation.

Have a look at that page: Thermal Benchmark




Hi Jousef,

I see, that’s what I thought you were referring to. I can do you one
better-- my group has cooled down a real aluminum plate an observed the
thermal gradient shown in the simulation.


Alex Droster


Hi Alex,

that would be great if you could write a little documentation for your project!

I would feature your project with the name of your company in the Project Spotlight if you like. I post something in it every wednesday :wink: Let me know when you are finished so I can set something up for you :slight_smile:

Cheers buddy!