'0.5m Drop Structure Refined Mesh' simulation project by neil_meyer


I created a new simulation project called '0.5m Drop Structure Refined Mesh':

Sewer Outfall - Energy dissipator

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Very interesting project @neil_meyer!

Could you verify your results? @vgon_alves & @Get_Barried, what do you think about this users setup?




Hey everyone!

Setup looks fine to me. No glaring problems with the mesh or BCs. Lets see what can be deduced by the user!




Hi everyone,

It looks nice, it seems to me that @neil_meyer is checking how small and how fine the time step can be set and mesh can be set to obtain the best post-processing now.
Please, let us know if you need some help! :smile:




Dear Guys,

I have run out of ideas to get this model to run.

With course mesh it would not solve past 10 seconds run, I changed then mesh to much finer but now it would not run for 1 seconds.

I don't have knowledge how to interpret the error logs.

My plan was to get model to run successfully for short periods and then refine by making small adjustment to model settings, but getting it to run at all remains a problem with finer mesh.

Any idea welcome, different time step, mesh too fine? boundary conditions an issue?