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Winners of the “Solve it with SimScale” Project September 2017: @rpapa with his nice simulation on "Cross-Ventilation Flows for a Generic Isolated Building using OpenFoam" October 2017: No completed projects. No…

[STARTED] Delft Systematic Yacht Hull Series (DSYHS): Sailing yacht hull resistance simulation (1)
[FINISHED] Validating the flow around an APC Slow Flyer Propeller (7)
The "Solve it with SimScale" Project (5)
Wind Load Comparison between CFD and ASCE 7 for Rooftop shapes (2)
Predicting pressure loss coefficients of duct fittings using CFD - ASHRAE (3)
Design Optimization of Active Chilled Beam for an Office Space using LES - ASHRAE (2)
ERCOFTAC - Centrifugal Pump Study (2)
Studies of the ERCOFTAC Centrifugal Pump (3)
[FINISHED] Verification of a CFD model for indoor airflow and heat transfer (2)
Tapered Beam Snap Fit (3)
[FINISHED] Modeling of Gas Distribution in an Indoor Space (5)
[FINISHED] Thermal Analysis of CPU with different Heat Sinks ( 2 ) (24)
Validating the Heat Transfer in a Novel Heat Exchanger (3)
[FINISHED] Tapered Beam Snap Fit (4)
[FINISHED] Validating Turbulent flow around City Blocks (5)
[FINISHED] CFD simulations of cross-ventilation flows for a generic isolated building (2)
Predicting Convection and Phase Change while Optimizing Thermal Packaging Design (2)
Optimization of multi-scale ventilated package design for cold chain (3)
Heat Removal using Graphene Lateral Heat Spreaders in SOI Integrated Circuits (1)
Backcalculation of HMA Stiffness Based On Finite Element Model (1)
CFD analysis of Ventilation and heat transfer in Shavadoon (1)
Ventilation System Design For Carbon Monoxide Extraction from Parking Garage using CFD (1)
CFD Analysis to Optimize Basement Car Parking Ventilation System using Jet Fans (1)
CFD Investigation of a Bladeless Fan (1)
Simulation of air flow and heat transfer in domestic refrigerators (2)
Effects of Impeller Blade Number on Performance of Centrifugal Pumps (2)
[Started] Cantilever Snap Fit Design (2)
Thermal Management of an LED Light Engine for Airborne Applications (2)
Design Effects in a Radial Pump Impeller (2)