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Surface Line Interval Convolution (LIC) Plots [Vote for features!] (5)
Compressible/Incompressible option in CHT simulations [Vote for features!] (1)
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Fire and Smoke Generation through Fire in Car Parks [Vote for features!] (2)
BlockMesh Grid Generation [Vote for features!] (1)
Automatic Y+ Calculation [Vote for features!] (3)
Use another simulation or run for initial conditions [Vote for features!] (9)
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Cell estimator to avoid Machine memory error [Vote for features!] (1)
Commenting on simulations within a project [Product Feedback] (3)
Optimizing data transfer while post-processing [Product Feedback] (4)
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Including Dynamic Mesh [Vote for features!] (1)
|| Dale's Feature Poll - We need an on screen vector of rotation axis and a direction of rotation arrow for Rotating Zones :pray: [Product Feedback] (2)
|| Dale's Feature Poll - Allow a face to be assigned as a slip wall and also a symmetry plane, the way it used to be :pray: [Product Feedback] (12)
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Acoustic analysis [Vote for features!] (5)
Get Selected Geometry Information in Viewer [Vote for features!] (5)
Resistive Barrier, screen, perforated plate [Vote for features!] (8)
Ability to initialise from results produced by another simulation using the same mesh [Vote for features!] (3)
Create Slice to monitor flow field during solving [Vote for features!] (5)