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Engineering Simulation in the Cloud

Analyze your design with ease, iterate on new ideas fast, access the simulation power you need on-demand.

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From CAD to Simulation Results in 3 Steps


Import your design

SimScale supports the most common 3D CAD files.


Set up your analysis

Choose your simulation type, set your conditions, and start simulating!


Post-process results

Analyze your simulation results with SimScale’s integrated online post-processor.

Simulate structural mechanics, heat transfer, and CFD applications with SimScale. No matter the size of your design, you can simulate it with the power of the cloud.

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cfd cloud-based engineering simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Using online engineering simulation software, you can access sophisticated fluid dynamics capabilities. With SimScale, laminar or turbulent models can be selected and the solvers support both steady state and transient setups. With cloud-based CFD analysis, you can run CAD simulations that range from small electronics to entire urban areas in minutes.

fea with cloud-based engineering simulation

Finite Element Analysis

For your solid mechanics simulations, you can use linear static analysis to maximize your computational efficiency or nonlinear analysis to fully capture the physical behavior of the system. Dynamic, modal, and frequency analyses are also available. With computer-aided simulation from SimScale, you can predict the performance of CAD models before building the first physical prototype.

thermal analysis with cloud-based engineering simulation

Thermal Analysis

SimScale's online simulation software enables you to perform thermomechanical and heat transfer analyses, so you can predict the behavior of your application under the influence of thermal effects. As soon as the CAD analysis is complete, you will be able to optimize designs such as car brakes, heat sinks, and refrigerators without leaving your browser.

Zero Hardware or Software Footprint

With SimScale's computer-aided engineering software, investing in expensive high-performance computing hardware and caring for installation and maintenance are a thing of the past.

Low upfront investment

Save on average $30k by cutting the cost of expensive hardware and software maintenance fees.

No installation or maintenance

Connect to the Internet and run demanding simulations on any laptop or PC. We take care of software updates for you in the background.

Easy setup

With our simple workflow and ready-to-use simulation templates and tutorials, you never have to start from scratch.

Set up your own engineering simulation in your web browser and test SimScale for free. No installation, special hardware or payment information is required.

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