SimScale platform offers different options to share projects with different users, within or outside an organisation, and also with the SimScale Support team.

Project Sharing

The Share functionality can be accessed from the project overview page, or from inside the workbench. The following images show the accessibility of the Share button. This triggers the Share with dialog box.

Project share - overview page
Sharing a SimScale project
Project share - workbench
Sharing a SimScale project from within the platform

Invite user to project

In Share with dialog box you can provide the registered mail ID or the username of the user with whom you would like to share the project with. For convenience of sharing, there is also the possibility to add a message for the end user. Please note that the mail ID or username should be of a person whose registered successfully with SimScale platform.

Project share with specific user or support
Sharing a SimScale project with a specific individual or with support

While sharing the project you can also control permissions as follows

  • Can copy: allows to make a copy of the project
  • Can view: allows only to view the project

Please note that the copy of your project is done, when the recipient selects ‘make a copy’ from the ‘actions’ option. That means if you share your project but continue working on it, the recipient will get the version of your project that exists in the moment he accepts the invitation. the end user can make subsequent copies for the new changes to be reflected in the project.

Share project with support

There are three possibilities to share project with SimScale Support team. This can be utilized in order to get assistance with the project.

  1. The first option is via Share with dialog box where you can select the check box to share the project.

    Project share with SimScale Support
    Sharing a project with support
  2. You can share the project along with a screenshot of what you wish to convey to the support agent. This can be done by clicking ‘Report an issue’ button at bottom-right corner of the workbench. This option will open a new support ticket with the support team.

    Project share with SimScale Support along with screenshot
    Sharing a screenshot with support
  3. The chat option

    Project share with SimScale Support along with chat message
    Starting a chat with support

The Share project with support option provides a ‘Can copy’ permission to SimScale support team.

A member of the SimScale support team will then have a look at your project and try to provide you with assistance to help you complete the simulation project.