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Geometric Behavior

The geometric behavior parameter allows taking into account the geometrical nonlinearity of the model. As such, it is only available in the following cases:

The setting can be accessed in the Model item of the simulation tree:

geometric behavior settings panel
Figure 1: Model settings panel, where the Geometric behavior parameter can be found.

Geometrical Nonlinearity

The geometrical nonlinearity is the phenomena under which the deformation of the solid causes the numerical model of the original (undeformed) configuration to be rendered invalid. If the simulation needs to take into account the effects of big deformations or rotations of the mesh, then the numerical model has to be updated in each integration step to properly capture the behavior of the solid.

In the case of linear geometric behavior, the numerical model of the solid is never updated, thus all loads, deformations, and conditions such as contacts are always referenced in the original configuration. This assumption is valid where the effect of the boundary conditions produce small deformations and rotations.

If large deformations or rotations are expected in the model simulation, the option nonlinear geometric behavior should be selected to get valid results. The solver will update the numerical model geometry after each time integration step, thus allowing to precisely compute physical contacts, loads, and deformations.

Last updated: October 18th, 2021