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Inconsistent Patch and PatchField Types Found


Simulation setup error: Inconsistent patch and patchField types in mesh or boundary conditions

What happened?

  • The simulation setup has an error. A mismatch has been found for a ‘patch/face’ and its ‘patchField’ type. That is, the ‘patch type’ in mesh is inconsistent with ‘patchField type’ in boundary condition.

What could be the possible reason?

  • You are attempting a mesh upload or caseUpload and the mesh ‘boundary’ file (found in : constant/polyMesh/boundary) does not have the same corresponding patch/face types as you wish to give in the boundary conditions or boundary condition files in ‘0’ (zero) folder (for Case Upload).
  • Example of an incorrect setup: a certain patch/face has a ‘patch type’ in the mesh ‘boundary’ file as symmetry and ‘patchField type’ in boundary conditions as zeroGradient.

What can I do now?

  • To fix this, check your mesh ‘boundary’ file (found in: constant/polyMesh/boundary) and make sure that for each patch, the ‘patch type’ is consistent with the boundary conditions you are giving.
  • Example of a correct setup: a symmetry ‘patch type’ in mesh needs a symmetry ‘patchField type’ in boundary conditions.


If none of the above suggestions did solve your problem, then please post the issue on our forum or contact us.

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