[TEMPLATE] Documentation Example Page

Find all the details how to properly format a documentation page here.

Normal headline

This is a normal paragraph. You can wrap it in p-tags or just write it without. Both should work fine.

3rd level headline

4th level headline

Headline with a link

You can add internal links to headlines like this. In case you want to link to an external page (a page not hosted by us under, then please use the following format:

Link on a headline to an external page

And if you want to add a link to normal text, it works similarly for internal and external links.


This is how you add ordered and unordered lists:

And the same for an ordered (numbered) list:

  1. Normal text
  2. Text with internal link.
  3. Text with external link.


The link tag allows the user to open the image in its original size on click. Always add a caption and an alt text. The alt text describes what you see on the image; the caption adds context.

The alt text describes what you can see on the image.
Add some context to the image via the caption and don’t just describe what’s on the image. That’s what the alt text tag is for.

You can add an image via the media library and add the caption to it via the viasual editor.


This is how you add a table:



You can add formulas in their own line via:

$$X_{max}−X_{min}N _{x} =Y _{max}−Y _{min}N _{y}=Z _{max}−Z _{min}N _{z}$$

or add them inline via: \(E=mc^2\)

for both of those methods you need to initialize mathjax first via adding [ mathjax ] (without spaces) in the content. (Ideally in the beginning)

Code block

.wife {

Highlighted content


Use this as the default box style.

Important Information

Use this for positive highlights.


Use this for important warning messages.

Important Information with formulas

Example of a formula inline: \(E=mc^2\) . Or on their own line: $$A_{SI} = \frac{1}{3600} \cdot \frac{1}{10^{6n}} \cdot A_{MPa\;h}$$ Notice that you have to add double back-slashes inside boxes to make mathjax work properly.


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