Limitations and Known issues

The SimScale team is constantly enhancing the functionality of the SimScale platform in order to provide more advanced modeling and simulation capabilities. In case there are known limitations or issues with the platform that can not be immediately resolved, they are noted here. In case you experience an issue yourself please contact the SimScale support team:


  • Dimensions: The current version of the SimScale platform only supports 3D workflows. Solving problems of lower dimension is in the internal testing phase and will be available soon.
  • Mesh size: The current pre-processing viewer does not support meshes of arbitrary sizes. Currently we recommend using mesh sizes below four million cells, which are displayed fluently depending on your system. The support for larger mesh sizes is already under development and will be released soon.

Known issues

  • Torque loading: For dynamic structural simulations, (modal and dynamic analyses) torque loading currently leads to problems. We are working on that issue.