Frequently asked questions

Questions About My SimScale Account

How do I create a SimScale account?

Simply click the blue “Sign Up” button on the homepage and fill in your information. To complete your registration, click the activation link in the email we sent to you. If you can’t find the email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.

How do I get started with the SimScale platform?

If this is your first visit on the SimScale platform, we recommend that you click on the “Get Started” tab on the SimScale homepage. Here you will find a series of videos that cover everything from an Introduction to the Platform all the way through the Post-Processing of an Example Problem.

You might also find it useful to check out our Resources tab on the homepage which contains documentation, tutorials, and a forum.

Which SimScale account is right for me?

If you are a Commercial User, you have the ability to choose from three different plans based on your simulation needs. Please follow the link for more details.

If you are a student, teacher, or researcher affiliated with an institute you have free access to the platform by signing up for an academic account. Please follow the ``_ for more details.

If I am a commercial user, is there a way for me to evaluate all of the features of the platform for free?

If you have signed up to the platform as a Free user, there is a one-time upgrade to a Premium user account giving you access to the full platform features and 200 core hours for a 2-week period. When this trial expires your accounts will automatically be changed back to a Free user account.

How do I upgrade my account?

You can access your account preferences in the upper right corner of your workspace.

How to upgrade account

Click on Upgrade Plan to request a quote at any time and a member of our sales team will be in contact with you.

Questions About Simulating

What type of geometry files are supported?

Currently the platform supports the generic CAD formats: .STEP, .IGES, .BREP and the triangulated surface format .STL.

We generally recommend using the .STEP format since it is superior in terms of the conversion process and it can be exported by most CAD tools (commercial and non-commercial). The STL format can only be used for fluid mechanics analysis since only certain meshing algorithms on SimScale support it.

What is the definition of a core hour?

A core hour refers to number of processor units (cores) used to run a simulation multiplied by the duration of the job in hours. With 1 core hour you can simulate for 1 hour on a 1 core machine, 30 min on a 2 core machine, etc. Additional computing capacity can be booked anytime.

Can I run multiple simulations at the same time?

Yes, one of the benefits of the SimScale platform is that you can have multiple simulations running at the same time. These simulations run in the background so you have full use of the platform at all times.

Can I log out of my account when a simulation is running?

Yes, your simulations will continue to run even when you have logged out of your account. You will receive an email notification when your simulation is complete.

Can I log into my account on multiple devices?

You can only be logged into your account on one device at a time. If you are logged into your account on one device and then switch to another device, you will be able to log into your account on this device but you will then be logged out on your first device.

Changing the center of rotation, zooming, and panning in the 3D viewer? [double click]

Center of Rotation: To change the center of rotation double clicking on the model/mesh to relocate the center of rotation to this specific point. Hold the left mouse button and move in the direction you want to rotate the body.

Zooming: Hold the right mouse button. Moving upward zooms in and moving downward zooms out.

Panning: Hold down the mouse wheel and move in the direction you would like to pan.

How are units handled on the SimScale platform?

The Si unit system is used on the platform. All physical quantities will have their units shown next to them.

When importing geometries, the units which are encoded in the file, are ignored. For example, a length which is encoded as 1000 mm will be imported as 1000 and displayed as 1000 m in SI units. If the geometry is exported in meters, the same length will be written as 1 m and read as 1. Therefore, the model should be scaled such that the numbers which are written in the geometry file have the desired order of magnitude. After importing a geometry, please check the event log to verify that the size matches your expectations. We generally recommend that you use meters when exporting geometries.

I have received a warning that I have exceeded my free storage limit. Why and how I can I solve this?

Our free plan has a limited storage capacity of 2 GB. Creating large datasets or importing new projects may exceed the free space.

To solve this issue you have three options:

  1. As stated in the message, you can delete old projects which are not used anymore. You could also delete the runs, which contain most of the data.
  2. If you are currently a free user, you can upgrade your plan for a 2-week trial period to obtain more storage capacity. This can be done in your account settings. Please be aware, however, that after the trial period is complete your account will automatically be reset to a free account. In this case, you will not lose any projects that you have stored even if it is over the 2 GB limit, but you will no longer have storage for any additional projects unless previous datasets are deleted.
  3. To get unlimited storage capacity you can at any time change to one of our professional subscriptions, without storage space limitations.

Questions About Collaboration

How can I share a project on the SimScale platform?

Within the workspace you can collaborate with others using the Share button.

How to share a project

The first option is to generate a public link for your project. That means that a link is generated that you can post in a forum or somewhere else where SimScale users can see it. With this link any other SimScale user can import your project into his workspace. You will get a notification email each time your link is being used.

The second option is to share the project which allows you to share a copy of a specific SimScale project with another SimScale user. This can either be one of your colleagues who is also using SimScale or a client. By typing in the email-address of the recipient, you can send him the invitation to accept the copy of your project.

The third option is to share the project with support. If you have questions about you project or need help troubleshooting we are here to help.

How can I import a project from the Public Project Library?

If you want to import a project from the Public Project Library into your workspace, simply select the project and then click on the Import into my workspace button. It may take a few minutes for the project to show up in the list of projects in your workspace.

How to import a project

Questions for SimScale Help and Support?

The SimScale team is constantly working to improve the platform and enhance its capabilities. In case you encounter problems, have a question or would like to have additional features on the platform to model your application, please contact our support team.


Feel free to contact the SimScale support anytime. We will do our best to help you as soon as possible:

SimScale Support Contact
Phone: +1 (903) 781-1561