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Starting with something new is not always easy. Especially if it is something as complex as engineering simulation. As always, before starting with the actual task (in this case the simulation) it is crucial to prepare for the task in order to achieve the result you aimed for. As an example, imagine a dinner you organize for your friends: With some preparation during the day like setting the table, cutting ingredients or making the dessert, you will have much more time to focus on the cooking of the steak and vegetables during the evening and your dinner will be a success. For some of us, preparing a dinner seems impossible, but trust us when we say that with knowledge in preprocessing, simulating your designs virtually will not be difficult anymore. Preprocessing is a process that must be performed before doing the actual simulation. During this process you will amongst other things clean the CAD model and create the mesh. A mesh is a cluster of small cells representing an object. For Finite Element Analysis, you will usually create a mesh of the actual model that you want to simulate. In Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations however, you will most likely create a mesh around the actual model since you want to, for example analyze the aerodynamic behavior of a race car. Mastering the art of pre-processing is the first step towards becoming an expert in engineering simulation. We at SimScale make this step easy for you with the following resources! Read them and get a Michelin star in engineering simulation.