Solution FieldsΒΆ

In the Solution fields section the user specifies which fields should be calculated and added to the result data. The available fields depend on the solver and simulation type.

With the type field the user selects which field type he wants to add to the result data. For some fields there is also a detailed type available, such as for stress, strain and force fields.

The possible choices are:

  • displacement

  • velocity

  • acceleration

  • strain
    • total strain
    • total linear strain
    • total nonlinear strain
    • un-elastic strain
  • stress
    • cauchy stress tensor
    • vonMises stress
    • Tresca stress
    • principal stress
  • force
    • reaction force
    • nodal force

For a harmonic analysis the user additionally has to specify how the complex numbers should be exported, this can either be as real and complex pair or as module and phase pair.