Tables are one possibility besides formulas, that allow to specify a variable (velocity, Temperature etc) depending on another variable ( e.g time or distance). The data is given by value pairs in a table, that can be uploaded in the csv-format and examined via the Show button.

  • You can choose to define a table input for a flow variable, by selecting “Fixed Value” and then ‘Input Type’ as “File Upload” and clicking on the table symbol below the ‘CSV File’ input field.
  • Not every variable is allowed to be coupled to other variables (e.g time or distance) and thus the table option is not available for all input values.
  • If tables are allowed you can find the available ‘Parameters’ , that the variable may depend on, above the table source input field. If you want to extract the value pairs from some kind of extensive data file (e.g. measurement data), you may as well specify the column indices of the respective parameters and variables in the csv-file.

The example below shows a table input for a time dependent temperature boundary condition. In this case ‘Time’ is the only allowed parameter.

Table upload

Table for time dependent temperature boundary condition

Based on the CSV file, the ‘Column index’ of parameter ‘Time‘ (highlighted in blue) must match the corresponding column entry of 1 for time values in the file. Similarly, the ‘Column index’ for the ‘variable value‘ (i.e Temperature) is then specified as ‘2’ (highlighted in red) based on the file. By clicking the ‘Show’ button , the uploaded CSV file can be viewed to verify the corresponding entries as shown in figure below.

  • Out of Bounds : “Clamp” means that the last entry value of the variable will be kept constant after the last time entry.
Table visualization

Table visualization


For the CA solver you can as well specify the interpolation type between the given value pairs. The CCX solver uses linear interpolation for nonlinear static and no interpolation (constant steps) for dynamic analyses.

Examples of Table Upload for Fluid Dynamics cases

In case of Fluid Dynamics cases, some standard usage for table upload is given for the following cases:

Vector Variable: Velocity

To setup a vector variable like velocity with a table upload, see the link below for details.

Scalar Variable: Temperature or Pressure

To setup a scalar variable like temperature or pressure etc with a table upload, see the link below for details.

Fan-Pressure Type boundary condition

To setup up a ‘Custom’ Fan-Pressure type boundary condition, see the link below for details.