Scalar Table: Temperature or pressureΒΆ

  • For a scalar variable e.g temperature or pressure, that is varying with e.g “Time”, the CSV table/file requires on 2 columns in total. First for the ‘Time’ and second for the value of the variable itself.

The sample CSV file for a scalar changing with ‘Time’ is shown by the figure below:


Fig. 1 Sample CSV file for prescribed Temperature change with time.

  • Here, the settings of “Column Index of the value” (underlined in red, see figure below) is simply the corresponding column number for temperature in the CSV file (highlighted in red) i.e column “2”

Fig. 2 Temperature boundary condition settings for table upload.


In the CSV file shown in Fig. 1, the temperature is Ramped “Linearly” from 293 K to 350 K over simulation time 0 to 500 sec. After a time of 500 s, the value of Temperature = 350 K will be kept constant based on the selected ‘Clamp’ option.