Fixed value displacementΒΆ

The fixed value boundary condition type prescribes the value of the displacement on a certain boundary of the domain. It is set in cartesic spacial dimensions. For every degree of freedom (x,y,z) you may choose if it should be prescribed (fixed on a given value) or unconstrained (free to move).

Fixed value boundary condition solid mechanics simulations

A typical example of a fixed value boundary condition. All three degrees of freedom are prescribed to a displacement of 0. This means that the boundary is not allowed to move in the x, y and z direction.


  • A zero value represents a fixed support in that coordinate direction.
  • Do not constrain entities in directions where a load boundary condition is applied.
  • Do not constrain entities via multiple displacment boundary conditions in one direction (overconstrained).
  • Do not constrain slave entities of Contact Constraints as they are constrained by the master in that direction (overconstrained).