The SimScale platform offers different ways of how distributed teams can interact and collaborate with each other. Find below some of the capabilities.

Project Sharing

From the Dashboard, click on the project to open the description page. In the top-right corner you find the blue Share button. The options you have for a specific project are shown in the figure below.

The *Share* button within the workspace

The Share button within the workspace gives access to the basic sharing functionality

Invite to project

The second option Share project allows you to share a copy of a specific SimScale project with another SimScale user. This can either be one of your colleagues that is also using SimScale, or a client or the SimScale support team. By typing in the email-address of the recipient, you can send him the invitation to accept the copy of your project.

The *Share project* option

The Share project option allows you to share a copy of your project with a specific SimScale user

Please note that the copy of your project is made, once the recipient accepts your invitation. That means if you share your project but continue working on it, the recipient will get the version of your project that exists in the moment he accepts the invitation.

Share with support

With the third option “Share project with support” you can provide the SimScale support team with a copy of your project. Ideally, explain in detail what you did and what type of assistance you are requesting.

The *Share project with support option* option

The Share project with support option allows you to share a copy of your project with the SimScale support team

A member of the SimScale support team will then have a look at your project and try to provide you with assistance to help you complete the simulation project.