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CUSTOM MACHINES specializes in the design of special purpose machines for industrial applications. They service a wide range of industries including mining, rolling stock, transport, food, agriculture, and manufacturing. Established in 2008 and based in Melbourne, Australia, the company has built a reputation for high quality designs and innovative solutions to complex machine design requirements. Areas of expertise include mechanical design, automation, simulation, and data acquisition.

With experience in all types of structural and thermal simulation (static, dynamic, modal, linear and non-linear etc), the company is specialized in a diverse range of structures including vehicle chassis, bogies, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, and other industrial processing machines.

How can you collaborate?

If the following areas are among your consulting needs, then CUSTOM MACHINES is right for you:

Structural analysis to identify failure mechanisms or to predict failure modes
Structural design to eliminate failure or maximise life
Validation of simulation results with experimental testing (strain gauging)
Optimisation (stress, deflection, weight, etc)

FEA simulation gantry crane
FEA simulation