simscale vdi collaboration

SimScale Announces Collaboration with VDI

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 9 June, 2017

The SimScale platform was built on the idea of democratizing Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) by bringing it to engineers...

consumer goods FEA

Designing More Durable Consumer Products with FEA

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 2 June, 2017

Product design is a highly complex process, with multiple objectives, requirements, and constraints, all of which need to...

Onshape agile product design

New Webinar Series by Onshape: How Can Agile Product Design Benefit You?

Written by: Stephanie Ventura on 11 May, 2017

You might have heard of terms like “full-cloud CAD” and “Agile Product Design,” but what exactly do they mean for...

cardio stent biomedical engineering

Announcing Free Biomedical Engineering Workshop

Written by: Netty on 12 August, 2016

Hannover Medical School, one of the world’s leading university medical research centers, and SimScale are joining...

SimScale and CAESES webinar

Simulation-Based Design of Complex Geometries Webinar

Written by: Netty on 2 June, 2016

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS and SimScale are joining forces in a webinar that will teach participants how to create better...

F1 car simulation

New SimScale F1 Aerodynamics Workshop: Register Free

Written by: Milad Mafi on 7 March, 2016

  In response to the queries from our users who didn’t get a chance to participate in the last F1 workshop, we...

product design with Onshape and SimScale

Review of the Improving Product Design Webinar

Written by: Anna Flessner on 22 February, 2016

During the first three weeks of February, we hosted a webinar series called “Improving Product Design with Onshape...

3D printer

SimScale 3D Printer Workshop is Training Makers

Written by: Netty on 11 February, 2016

We’re inviting 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world to join the SimScale 3D Printer...