simscale vdi collaboration

SimScale Announces Collaboration with VDI

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 9 June, 2017

The SimScale platform was built on the idea of democratizing Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) by bringing it to engineers and designers worldwide and empowering them to…

consumer goods FEA

Designing More Durable Consumer Products with FEA

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 2 June, 2017

Product design is a highly complex process, with multiple objectives, requirements, and constraints, all of which need to be satisfied for the final product to…

wind loads header

Predicting Wind Loads on Buildings via Web Browser

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 26 May, 2017

A building design project is a complicated endeavor, consisting of multiple phases and requiring contributions from multiple disciplines. It also involves a lot of uncertainty while…

Onshape agile product design

New Webinar Series by Onshape: How Can Agile Product Design Benefit You?

Written by: Stephanie Ventura on 11 May, 2017

You might have heard of terms like “full-cloud CAD” and “Agile Product Design,” but what exactly do they mean for your business? Onshape, the only…

cardio stent biomedical engineering

Announcing Free Biomedical Engineering Workshop

Written by: Netty on 12 August, 2016

Hannover Medical School, one of the world’s leading university medical research centers, and SimScale are joining forces to offer a free online workshop series about the…

SimScale and CAESES webinar

Simulation-Based Design of Complex Geometries Webinar

Written by: Netty on 2 June, 2016

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS and SimScale are joining forces in a webinar that will teach participants how to create better product designs by using engineering simulation and parametric…

F1 car simulation

New SimScale F1 Aerodynamics Workshop: Register Free

Written by: Milad Mafi on 7 March, 2016

  In response to the queries from our users who didn’t get a chance to participate in the last F1 workshop, we have decided to offer another F1 workshop series focused…

product design with Onshape and SimScale

Review of the Improving Product Design Webinar

Written by: Anna Flessner on 22 February, 2016

During the first three weeks of February, we hosted a webinar series called “Improving Product Design with Onshape and SimScale.” The emphasis was to show how…