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Career Path Story: Mehdi Esfahani, Frontend Architect at SimScale

BlogAbout SimScaleCareer Path Story: Mehdi Esfahani, Frontend Architect at SimScale

Mehdi joined SimScale in June 2017 and since then has contributed in many ways to the company’s success. Coming from a corporate environment where he was not passionate about the product, it felt like a dream come true when he was approached for an opening at SimScale. Mehdi was looking to apply his experience in 3-D animations and modeling and his interest in physics to a company with a purpose. Naturally, SimScale felt like a perfect match once he started his role as a Frontend Team Lead. In this career path story, we would like to share with you how Mehdi’s responsibilities at SimScale have developed and where he sees himself in the future.

The Initial Phase at SimScale 

When Mehdi first joined SimScale, the frontend team was made up of members with expertise from various areas. This meant establishing a foundation and standard workflow was crucial to creating a team dynamic. Mehdi enjoyed being able to create and contribute to a shared culture which allowed him to gain trust and respect in the company. 

First Milestones on the Career Path 

Within eight months the team was able to rewrite the entire code, collaborate extensively with other teams, and, ultimately, deliver a brand new workbench. Looking back, Mehdi is proud of himself and the challenges the team managed to overcome. Building a new team and delivering such a large project so quickly required many resources and cross-organizational support but the final result was worth all the hard work. It was the biggest project he had ever delivered and was an incredible first milestone on his career path.

Taking Different Career Paths 

After completing SimScale’s new workbench, Mehdi’s original team members went on to focus on other areas of the company. This meant the opportunity to build a new team for upcoming projects. Mehdi got busy switching his mindset from coding to recruiting in order to make the right choice for establishing the new team. After three and a half years of hard work and balancing career with parental leave, he decided to take a step back and give up his team lead position.

Leading a team whilst collaborating with other departments at the company requires high levels of accountability for many different commitments. At the same time, I was also very committed to development work, so decided to focus more on developing again.

Mehdi Esfahani, Frontend Architect
Mehdi Esfahani

His Future at SimScale 

Mehdi feels confident about his choice, being able to focus on his development work and new projects while still being able to mentor and support other team members. Lately, he has been asking himself, “what’s next?” in terms of his career path at SimScale. It could be another management role, taking on more difficult projects as a Frontend Architect or joining a completely different team and learning new skills. At SimScale, employees have the option to make a choice for their career development and consider where they see themselves in order to be successful. 

Mehdi enjoys working at SimScale and solving problems that have real value and create a real impact in the lives of others. What is his advice for candidates applying to SimScale?

Only apply if you want to fall in love with the work. The standards and expectations are really high which means that you always have to improve yourself so that you’re at the level of other people. There are so many great minds at SimScale and you want to be at their level. If you think you’re going to be putting your heart into it and will be motivated by SimScale and the team, you should join!

Stay tuned for more insights into SimScale, and see what the team has been up to on our @lifeatsimscale Instagram feed. Want to start your own SimScale career path? Make sure to keep an eye on our careers page for possible openings!

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