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The Winning HVAC Simulations: Summer Breeze Contest 2019

Aisling Hughes
BlogAbout SimScaleThe Winning HVAC Simulations: Summer Breeze Contest 2019

Over the past few months, SimScale has been hosting the Summer Breeze Contest, inviting our community members to come up with interesting simulation projects surrounding the topic of ventilation. On July 26, the competition finished and the SimScale team selected the top three projects.

Here, we introduce our finalists and their winning simulations for ventilation, and find out the motivation behind each project.

Introducing the Winning HVAC Simulations in the Summer Breeze Contest 2019!

Our Contest Winner: Rohit Suryawanshi, Duct Design Simulation for an Operating Theater

Rohit, could you describe a little about your HVAC simulation?Rohit: “The project goal was to find the best airflow around the operating theater with a different duct model. To achieve this goal, the duct was simulated with incompressible flow simulation and the operation room was simulated with convection heat transfer simulation. In the end, the results of both duct designs were compared to find the optimum one for the operating room.”

cfd analysis theater room simulation
By running a CFD analysis on two duct designs, Rohit identified the best overall ventilation solution for the operating theater.

What were your aims for the project? What did you enjoy?

“My aim was to discover new areas of the CAE world. SimScale has always inspired me because they provide and explain valuable CAE related information in an easy and effective way. In terms of joining the contest, my biggest motivation was to challenge myself by learning something new and seeing how my knowledge compared to international research students.
For this project, I used an incompressible flow simulation for the duct design and a convection heat transfer simulation for thermal comfort. HVAC was a challenging and interesting field to study, and I am motivated to go on to explore this area more.”

First Runner-Up: Deepak, Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Server Room

cae project for server room cooling
Runner-up in this year’s contest: Deepak

Deepak, how would you summarize your project?
“A server room often has plenty of expensive equipment that is critically sensitive to rising temperatures or sharp fluctuations. Due to this fact, it is necessary to choose a suitable cooling system in a server room. So, I decided to do a simulation in which I could visualize the fluid flow and optimize the design of the server room.”

Server Room Ventilation Analysis
Deepak’s simulation enabled insights into how to optimize natural ventilation in a server room.

As a young engineer, how do you think you benefited from taking part in the competition?

“To be a good engineer I believe competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. I participated in this contest not as a participant but as a learner, as I also learned about ventilation during this contest. SimScale is a perfect platform for the enthusiastic engineer who loves to do simulation. It is unique in its kind. I appreciate the instant help on projects from senior engineers who have experience in the kind of simulation projects, the support I’ve received makes SimScale the best simulation software provider.”

Second Runner-Up: Eugeny Varseev, Garage Ventilation Simulation

simscale runnerup for hvac ventilation competition
Runner-up in this year’s contest: Eugeny Varseev

Eugeny, what was your inspiration behind your simulation for HVAC?
Eugeny: “My day-to-day life gives me ideas for the CFD simulations constantly. Just being curious helps to find inspiration: how fast will a cup of coffee become cold at this particular room temperature? How much faster can I go on the bike if I change my pose? How hot will a garage be while I practice on my drums if I use a heater with air blower? The Summer Breeze Contest was a good motivator to test my curiosity. For the contest, I decided to simulate how a cylindrical heating element and air blower heat a garage.”

ventilation simulation hvac garage
Simulating airflow and heat transfer will ensure Eugeny is comfortable while playing the drums in the garage!

What do you enjoy about being part of the SimScale community?

“I am really excited to be a part of SimScale community and I am often inspired by the public projects. The competition is a good chance to make a contribution to the community of SimScale and simply to try new things just for fun. I’ve been using SimScale for several years and enjoy seeing it gradually introducing new upgrades and improvements. During my work on the case for the competition, I noticed the user experience became even smoother—from the moment you uploaded the CAD model to the final step of results visualization you feel that you are in a continuous process, which lets you stay focused on the phenomenon you are simulating.”

We’re really impressed by the work of our SimScale community. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for our finalists’ projects, and for further contests coming up in the future.

If you enjoyed this blog article, check out our community contest winner post, and stay tuned for our next contest! 


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